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How Mayple turned their organic traffic into a huge increase in conversions

Find out how Mayple leveraged the power of Entail's CRO software to get 9x more clicks to their conversion pages in a year.

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By Entail Staff
Colin Nass
Edited by Colin Nass
Romi Hector
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Updated April 12, 2024.

Mayple success story

Meet Mayple

The new way to hire expert marketing talent

By seamlessly connecting businesses with the right freelance experts for their marketing needs, Mayple empowers companies to scale their marketing efforts without the tedious recruitment process.

Mayple is changing the freelancer space

Mayple's dynamic platform also gives businesses access to all their freelancers in one place, making it easier to manage, pay, and collaborate with the team.

Mayple vets talent so you don't have to

Mayple uses AI technology to find the perfect experts for their clients' unique business needs. They also offer businesses peace of mind by consistently monitoring their experts' performance.


Converting +50k organic monthly visitors into customers

Mayple had been steadily driving traffic to their site, but this traffic wasn't turning into sales. They realized that their content wasn't effectively guiding visitors toward conversion.

Recognizing this as a significant opportunity, Mayple partnered with Entail to adopt a more strategic approach to optimizing their content to better align with their customers' needs and purchase intent. By identifying and addressing this gap, they could unlock substantial growth.

Since working with Entail, clicks to our conversion pages have increased by 9x. – Omer Farkash, Co-Founder & COO, Mayple

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Building a conversion funnel that generates significant results

The key challenge was developing a top-to-bottom funnel strategy that effectively guided Mayple's already significant organic traffic toward conversion. This involved developing a deep understanding of the intent and buying behavior of their target audience to determine the best conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy.

a graph shows the increase in traffic for Mayple.com


Entail's all-in-one conversion rate optimization software

Entail's CRO software was able to pinpoint multiple new and existing conversion opportunities. It also enabled us to:

  • Map topics according to purchase intent to align with user needs
  • Identify bottom-of-the-funnel pages to encourage users to convert
  • Structure and optimize top- and bottom-of-the-funnel pages to drive conversions and SEO performance
  • Strategically add product widgets and calls to action that guide users to conversion pages


Entail is maximizing Mayple's conversion potential

In 12 months, Entail produced 544 articles totaling over a million words, each perfectly optimized for conversion with highly relevant calls to action and compelling product widgets.

Mayple: Scale of operations

Through these efforts, Entail helped Mayple direct traffic through their funnels more effectively. As a result, clicks to their conversion pages tripled in the first month alone, now averaging +1.5k per month and steadily increasing.


Over 12.6k clicks to conversion pages in under one year

Graph indicating Mayple's 53% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages

Partnering with Entail yielded significant results:

  • A 53% MoM increase in clicks to conversion pages
  • A 30% MoM increase in organic traffic, with a steep increase from 60k to 191k visits in the most recent month
  • A consistent average of 10M monthly impressions, indicating a 109% increase within a year
Entail has made Mayple's content pages the #1 source of leads.

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