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How KapitalRS achieved scalable results in a competitive industry

Discover how KapitalRS turned organic marketing into a measurable, ROI-positive channel.

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By Entail Staff
Romi Hector
Edited by Romi Hector
Mari Jordaan
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Updated May 17, 2024.

KapitalRS success story

Meet KapitalRS

Pioneering trading services in the global financial market

KapitalRS offers innovative online trading services and financial solutions for their Serbian users. Specializing in CFDs, they cover a wide array of assets, including currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. Their mission is to empower users with the tools and knowledge they need for success.

KapitalRS's sophisticated trading solutions

With a diverse portfolio of over 300 trading instruments, KapitalRS provides traders with daily opportunities to engage in global markets. They've designed their platforms, which include Meta Trader 4 and Pro Trader, with seamless and secure trading experiences in mind.

Empowering users with education and support

KapitalRS enables users to navigate financial markets successfully through online seminars, detailed market analyses, and a wealth of educational resources. They also offer a demo account for real-time trading with virtual money, allowing users to sharpen their skills without risking real capital.


Capitalizing on high-volume financial searches

KapitalRS recognized a significant opportunity to drive conversions by tapping into the high volume of searches for financial information. With a broad range of queries from basic finance to advanced investment strategies, there was a clear demand for content that could lead to revenue.

Graph indicating KapitalRS's +14% MoM traffic growth


Building trust and creating effective content for a Serbian audience

KapitalRS faced a range of significant challenges:

  • Establishing authority with Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content that offers reliable, precise information backed by real experts

  • Achieving high rankings while competing with more established websites like Investopedia

  • Building enough trust to drive conversions despite the general mistrust in financial services, particularly Forex

  • Creating content in Serbian rather than English

  • Generating traffic in a highly competitive industry

Graph indicating KapitalRS's +14% MoM impression growth

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Leveraging Entail's comprehensive platform

To address the challenges faced by KapitalRS, Entail deployed several of their key products:

  • Expert marketplace: Used to source Serbian finance experts and fact-checkers to ensure credible and accurate content that's contextually relevant to the target audience
  • Content strategy software: Helped identify content gaps to generate traffic that would effectively lead to conversions in a competitive market
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) software: Employed to strategically place highly relevant and precise calls-to-action (CTAs) within the content, significantly boosting the potential for conversions

In addition, Entail focused on streamlining the content creation process to ensure it was cost-effective, which was essential for maintaining a strong ROI. Furthermore, integrating this content into email marketing campaigns helped maximize its reach and effectiveness, driving even more targeted traffic that led to conversions.


Creating high-quality content with precision

To help KapitalRS achieve their marketing goals, Entail produced 261 articles consisting of over 144,000 words with Serbian domain experts. Each article included strategically placed CTAs and product widgets, which significantly boosted engagement and directed traffic toward conversion-oriented pages.

Graph depicting KapitalRS and Entail's scale of operations

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A steady increase in traffic and conversions

Graph indicating KapitalRS's 20% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages

By partnering with Entail, KapitalRS achieved satisfying results:

  • 14% MoM increase in traffic, up 6x in the first month alone
  • A steady 14% MoM growth in impressions, with +190k in the most recent month
  • 20% MoM growth in clicks to conversion
Entail provided the opportunity for us to turn organic marketing into a measurable channel—just like a paid channel. That's very important when you run a business that's so ROI-focused.