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Hire experts in any domain to create quality videos and articles

Hire experts in any domain to create quality videos and articles

Find talented professionals with the specific expertise required to create on-brand content for your website and social media channels. Manage the entire process on one platform built for efficiency and scale.

Find professionals with the domain expertise you need

Francesca Lees
Francesca Lees

Animal behaviourist at Wild Cats Feline Behaviour


Cat specialist
Animal behavior
Pet welfare
Veterinary medicine
Kerry Seaman
Kerry Seaman


Lisbon, Portugal

Business development
Foot therapy
Natasha Hogan
Natasha Hogan

Podiatrist & Fertility Specialist at Self-employed

Far North Queensland, Australia

Infant loss
 Janik Sundstrom
Janik Sundstrom

Physiotherapist at Plani, Laidler, Fleishman and Associates Physiotherapy

Johannesburg, South Africa

Rehabilitation physiotherapy
Sport physiotherapy
Jonathan Coom
Jonathan Coom


Health & wellness
Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

Content Writer at DB Writing Services

Content writing
Animal rescue & advocacy
Pet health & nutrition
Animal behavior
Benjamin Aduwo
Benjamin Aduwo

Senior Physiotherapist, Content Writer, Copywriter, and SEO Expert at Obafemi Awolowo University

England, United Kingdom

Physical therapy
Health research
Sports medicine
Lauren Lee  for DailyTails
Lauren Lee

Freelance Writer & Blogger, Pet Content Writer, Animal Advocate & Rescuer at Freelance

New York, USA

Pet insurance
Pet health
Animal advocacy
Aleksandar Hrubenja
Aleksandar Hrubenja

Content Writing and Content Management at BLACKBOOK PROPERTIES


Marcel Deer
Marcel Deer

Content Marketing Consultant at Marcel Deer Consultancy

London, United Kingdom


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What distinguishes Entail’s experts from other content creators?

Entail stands out by focusing exclusively on domain experts such as doctors, physical therapists, real estate experts, finance specialists, fitness trainers, vets, and more. This ensures that you receive high-quality content specifically tailored to your needs from recognized authorities in their respective fields.

How long does it take to get matched with an expert?

Once we solidify your content strategy, our matching process is virtually instant. Our clients can approve the experts to ensure the perfect fit and eliminate any surprises. This streamlined process ensures that the content is spot-on and the expert is the ideal person to create it.

Is there a trial period for working with experts/creators?

Yes, Entail offers a 30-day trial period. During this time, you can test the platform, work with experts, and see firsthand what you can achieve with us.

How does Entail vet/screen their experts?

Entail meticulously vets its experts. First, we examine their credentials such as education and work experience. Then, we test them on their specific competencies and the quality they deliver. Entail is a managed marketplace, so we are committed to working only with individuals capable of creating top-notch content.

Which industries do Entail’s experts specialize in?

Entail's experts span a wide range of industries, encompassing virtually any field you can imagine. This includes areas such as therapy, psychology, health, makeup, sports, fitness, finance, and more.

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