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We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we offer flexible pricing plans tailored to your team’s specific needs and objectives. We would love to set up a personalized proposal for you.

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How does Entail’s pricing plan work?

Entail offers two main pricing options. The first is based on a pre-set content quota, where clients are billed according to how much content they receive based on their custom content plan. The second is performance-based, where clients pay based on outcomes like the number of leads generated, sales made, etc.

Do you offer a trial period to test the suitability of a pricing plan for my business?

Yes, we offer a trial period that lasts for the first three months. During this time, clients can evaluate the quality of the content we produce and decide if they'd like to continue with our services.

How much does Entail AI cost per user?

The cost per user varies based on the specific products or features you're interested in using. It's tailored to your needs and the scale of your organic marketing efforts. Get in touch with us directly, and we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of our licenses, types, and the features included.

Does integration cost extra?

Nope! We don't charge any extra fees for integration, and we can integrate with any platform or CMS.

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