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How InsideTracker created an ROI-positive organic marketing machine

Find out how InsideTracker turned a flood of traffic into a steady stream of sales.

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By Entail Staff
Romi Hector
Edited by Romi Hector
Mari Jordaan
Fact-check by Mari Jordaan

Published May 16, 2024.

Inside Tracker success story

Meet InsideTracker

Optimizing health with science-driven personalization

InsideTracker is dedicated to making the world a healthier place through personalized health and wellness. Using the power of data science and biotechnology, InsideTracker provides tailored insights based on a comprehensive analysis of their consumers’ blood biomarkers, DNA, and lifestyle habits.

InsideTracker's innovative approach

InsideTracker uses cutting-edge technology to analyze biological data and offer customized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Their platform integrates scientific precision with practical advice, empowering over 100,000 customers to make informed decisions about their health and achieve their wellness goals.

InsideTracker is transforming the wellness space

With a commitment to accuracy and progress, InsideTracker cuts through the noise of one-size-fits-all diet trends to enhance longevity and vitality for a growing community of health-conscious individuals.


Capitalizing on high search volumes across diverse audiences

InsideTracker had the opportunity to leverage the huge number of searches related to the health issues their product addresses. From topics on specific health conditions like anemia and osteoporosis to general wellness, such as the best foods to eat after a workout, InsideTracker had plenty of angles to hook users’ interest.

These high search volumes and diverse topics would allow InsideTracker to cater to a variety of potential customers—women, men, athletes, seniors—at every stage of their sales funnel.

Graph indicating Inside Tracker's +142% MoM traffic growth


Building trust and producing high-quality content optimized for conversion

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content, especially in the health industry, needs to be extremely precise. People are looking for advice they can trust, which means websites have to rely on real experts like doctors and nutritionists to create and vet every piece of content

InsideTracker needed to tick these boxes across multiple articles while making sure their calls-to-action (CTAs) perfectly matched users’ needs to drive meaningful conversions.

Graph indicating InsideTracker's +137% MoM impression growth

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An all-in-one organic marketing solution

Entail equipped InsideTracker with a turnkey solution to address these challenges effectively.

  • Expert marketplace: Connected InsideTracker with professional health experts who can create and fact-check their content to ensure it’s accurate and authoritative.
  • Content management system: Helped to streamline the content creation process, allowing all the stakeholders involved to review the material.
  • Page builder: Allowed InsideTracker to create high-quality web pages for SEO.
  • Conversion rate optimization software: Enabled the clever placement of CTAs and product widgets across multiple content pieces while A/B testing different variations of each to find out which versions best convert users.


Implementing a robust content strategy built to generate conversions

With the help of professional domain experts, editors, and fact checkers, Entail produced 106 articles totaling more than 370,000 words in just 7 months.

Graph depicting Inside Tracker and Entail's scale of operations

Each article contained highly relevant CTAs and compelling product widgets directly related to the content, leading to 3x more clicks to conversion in the first month alone.


A steep increase in traffic and conversions

Graph indicating Inside Tracker's 46% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages

Partnering with Entail led to significant results:

  • 142% MoM traffic growth, up 6x in the first month
  • 137% MoM growth in impressions, with +4M in the most recent month
  • 46% MoM growth in clicks to conversion

By addressing the challenges of creating trusted health-related content at scale and optimizing for conversions, InsideTracker increased their visibility and turned it into measurable success.

I’m excited that we’re seeing stronger and stronger traffic and conversions from Entail. — Ben Eld, VP of Marketing, InsideTracker

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