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How Egnition built a new acquisition channel to boost traffic and conversions

Discover how Egnition stood out in a saturated market and used organic marketing to drive conversions.

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By Entail Staff
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez
Romi Hector
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Published April 12, 2024.

the content funnel strategy that sparked 40 % organic growth

Meet Egnition

Driving seamless Shopify automation

Egnition offers six powerful apps designed to automate and streamline common e-commerce operations on Shopify, increasing efficiency, improving user experience, and maximizing returns. Their innovative solutions cater to diverse business needs, from inventory management, online merchandising, Shopify SEO, and image optimizations.

Egnition's comprehensive app ecosystem

Egnition's suite comprises six distinct offerings, each tackling a specific aspect of e-commerce operations:

  • Multi-Store Sync Power: Sync inventory across multiple Shopify stores.
  • Bestsellers reSort: Organize and sort products to improve sales and save time.
  • Out-of-Stock Police: Manage out-of-stock products to increase sales and organize collections.
  • Auto Rewards Toolkit: Generate auto-calculated loyalty discounts from any order.
  • All-In-One Image Master: Automate the image editing process.
  • Simple Sample Data: Generate dummy data for your development Shopify store.

Egnition goes beyond automation

While automation is at the core of Egnition's offerings, their commitment extends beyond mere functionality. They prioritize user experience, providing intuitive interfaces and robust support to ensure their clients' seamless adoption and long-term success.


Leveraging organic search to increase traffic and conversions

Egnition recognized a significant opportunity in organic search that many of their competitors overlooked, primarily because they lacked the knowledge or found the market challenging. However, Egnition saw potential in the existing search volume and understood that, if approached correctly, it was possible to drive relevant traffic and achieve conversions.

By focusing on organic search, Egnition could attract a substantial number of users actively searching for solutions that their Shopify apps provide.

a bar chart showing the growth of traffic

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Egnition faced a unique challenge: effectively promoting six distinct apps, each catering to a specific aspect of e-commerce operations. Crafting tailored marketing strategies and content funnels for each app's value proposition was crucial to resonate with the target audience and drive conversions.

Entail managed to build an organic marketing channel that works. We're seeing consistent growth across the board.


Building effective content funnels for each app

Entail's approach focused on treating each of Egnition's apps as a separate content funnel tailored to its specific value proposition and target audience.

This strategy seamlessly guided potential customers down the relevant funnel to the app that perfectly met their needs. Each content page was meticulously crafted and measured as its own targeted campaign, designed to drive conversions for the right app.

Graph indicating Egnition's 14% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages

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Driving traffic and conversions through a well-optimized content funnel

This consistent content output elevated Egnition's online presence, increasing their clicks to conversion pages by 2x.

Egnition: Scale of operation

Entail produced 142 high-quality blog posts totaling 79,839 words, each targeting one of Egnition's apps and leading users down the funnel to conversion.


Consistent growth across the board

Entail's comprehensive marketing efforts for Egnition have led to impressive results:

  • 40% MoM growth in traffic
  • 14% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages
  • 36% MoM increase in impressions, skyrocketing from 2k to 430k in the most recent month
Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Entail engineered a completely custom strategy that led to a significant increase in conversions.

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