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How Upstep created a new marketing channel that pays for itself

Jon Araten
By Jonathan Araten
Romi Hector
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Updated March 20, 2024.

How Upstep created a new marketing channel that pays for itself

Meet Upstep

The #1 rated custom orthotics company
in the US

Upstep is revolutionizing the orthotics industry, enabling US customers to purchase specialized, custom foot orthotics online without having to visit a podiatrist or leave their homes.

Upstep’s innovative process

Upstep operates entirely online by shipping “Step Boxes” (foot impression kits) straight to the customer. These easy-to-use kits allow customers to make a mold of their feet, which Upstep’s foot care experts use to make custom-made orthotics.

Upstep is making a difference

Upstep combines a smart go-to-market strategy, advanced technology, high-quality materials, and years of medical research that make their product more accessible and affordable than any other brand, creating disruptive innovation in the orthotics industry.


Entail showed Upstep’s marketing team the massive search volume for topics related to foot conditions. People search millions of times every month for information about conditions that Upstep’s custom orthotics can treat. In other words, there are millions of potential customers that Upstep could reach and help.

To capitalize on this massive opportunity, Upstep’s website would need to rank high on Google each time a potential customer searches for a foot-related topic, increasing exposure to their value proposition and increasing organic sales.

Traffic Growth Graph

Entail has built an incredible platform. We’re so glad to be part of their journey. — Doron Shaibe, VP of Product, Upstep


Build an SEO and content marketing operation

Upstep’s marketing team had other priorities

With their rapid growth, Upstep’s marketing team was working at total capacity to keep up with demand. They simply didn’t have the human resources or time to build a department that would develop a new marketing channel.

We were so busy growing the business that we just didn’t have the capacity to build an organic marketing department.

Upstep couldn’t predict ROI

Since the regular content and SEO process is so fragmented, Upstep couldn’t estimate or measure the scope of work and potential results of this new marketing stream. Performance marketing teams don’t like to work on projects they can’t measure, because how can you budget for the unknown?

Bar graph of Upstep’s increased ROI from organic marketing by 24% month over month

Entail has consistently increased Upstep’s ROI from organic marketing by 24% month over month.


One platform to manage the entire organic marketing process

Entail provided Upstep with a complete content and SEO solution. The platform manages everything from content strategy to publishing and optimizing for conversion.

Entail’s platform provides:

  • Content Strategy Software — Entail’s software identifies the searches relevant to Upstep’s potential customers and formulates a content strategy to target and rank for these searches.
  • Content Marketplace — Entail has a marketplace of writers from which they selected physical therapists who could create expert content on foot conditions and the proper use of orthotics.
  • Content Management System — Entail’s CMS enables an easy and professional editorial process that includes writing, editing, fact-checking, publishing, and optimizing Upstep’s content. This streamlined process ensures the highest quality of all content.
  • Page Builder — The content is published directly onto Upstep’s site on pages designed especially for content and optimized for search engines.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Platform — Entail’s platform personalizes the buyer’s journey. It automatically shows visitors calls to action based on the content they’re reading to give them the best solution for the condition they’re researching.
It would have taken at least a year to establish the organic search traffic that Entail delivered within months.


Entail is turning Upstep into an authority site

Entail’s strategy has grown Upstep’s brand from a custom orthotics provider into a thought leader in the orthotics industry. Upstep has increased their reach considerably, targeting millions of people every month looking for a solution to their foot problems.

In doing so, Upstep is demonstrating their expertise, positioning their brand as an authority, and becoming a reliable source of information that potential customers trust with their foot care needs.

Pie chart showing Entail generates 75% of Upstep's organic traffic


Bar chart of Upstep's 43% MoM revenue growth

Entail has created a new profitable marketing channel for Upstep. The platform has been consistently improving metrics across the board. Entail has delivered a consistent 43% MoM growth in revenue and ROI while decreasing customer acquisition costs over 18 months.

Moreover, Entail has increased Upstep’s traffic 20 times, boosting their brand awareness and enabling them to reach a significantly larger audience with their retargeting and email marketing activities. Entail now generates over 75% of Upstep’s organic traffic.

We’re extremely impressed with how many new conversion opportunities Entail’s platform has found.
Bar chart showing Upstep's 15% MoM decrease