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From keyword research to A/B testing: How Entail solves SEO

This guide explores the common challenges faced in modern SEO and how Entail offers unique and innovative strategies.

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By Tom Amitay
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Updated June 3, 2024.

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Staying visible online gets harder by the day. Google's algorithms change rapidly, ranking factors shift constantly, and the competition keeps growing. For many businesses, tracking SEO success feels like trying to hit a moving target.

Entail AI offers a unique SEO approach centered around high-value topics rather than individual keywords to better adapt to these industry shifts. This can also help when creating a strategy for your social media content.

In this guide, we'll explore how to address the complexities of position tracking head-on with innovative strategies and solutions for SEO success.

What's in this guide

  • Keyword research
  • Position tracking
  • Preventing cannibalization
  • Generating outlines
  • On-page SEO
  • Internal linking
  • A/B testing

1. Keyword research

Search engines are constantly changing, and user intent is complex. Using single keywords for research is not enough anymore. To solve this challenge, we have expanded our approach to better capture the complete picture.

Map relevant keywords for your business

We guide users in mapping keywords that resonate with their audience. This involves understanding the buyer's journey, creating personas, and aligning content with the customer lifecycle stages.

A screenshot of the 'Strategy' tab in Entail AI's headless CMS.

Prioritize and track topics instead of single keywords

Tracking topics instead of fixating on individual keywords helps your business adapt to shifting trends and ensures that your content remains relevant over time.

Quantify the value of topics for your business

We offer tools to quantify the value of your topics so you can prioritize your content strategy. This involves analyzing search volume, competition, and user engagement metrics.

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2. Position tracking

When keeping track of keyword positions, it can be challenging to monitor individual keywords. This is especially true for a brand with multiple keywords spread across various content pages and funnel stages.

This is why we suggest tracking positions based on topics, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of SEO performance.

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Track topics, not keywords

Businesses are encouraged to shift their focus from tracking individual keywords to monitoring topic performance. This approach provides a more accurate representation of the impact of their SEO efforts.

Prioritize and optimize pages based on topics

Rather than optimizing for specific keywords, identify and prioritize key topics that align with your business goals. This ensures that efforts are directed towards the most valuable and relevant content areas.

Measure success and make decisions accordingly

Businesses can make informed decisions by tracking topics and understanding their impact on overall SEO success. Entail AI's content strategy software provides the necessary metrics and insights to measure success and refine strategies.

3. Preventing cannibalization

Preventing content cannibalization is tricky when providing information on similar or related topics, as you risk duplicating ideas, diluting topical authority, and splitting traffic across too many pages targeting the same searches.

Identifying main content

We help businesses determine which content is most important for their topics so that their authoritative content ranks first in search results. Our strategies differentiate between primary and supporting content, optimizing for both broad queries and specific aspects of the topic.

Automating internal linking

Our solution simplifies keyword management for businesses with diverse offerings by grouping them based on user intent. Our tools help create relevant content that caters to a wider audience.

A screenshot of variety of topics in the "Brief" tab of Entail AI's headless CMS.

Keyword clustering

Our framework for grouping keywords is based on user intent, ensuring content appeals to diverse audiences. The platform also automates internal linking to strengthen SEO and improve user experience.

By proactively identifying overlaps and cannibalization risks among clusters, brands can optimize their content strategies and target the highest potential topics first.

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4. Generating outlines

Outlines play an important role in maintaining a natural and logical flow. This keeps users engaged in your content and likely to return for more. Entail AI's outline generator balances structure and creativity, enabling content creators to produce compelling material.

How our outline generator works

Our outline tool assists in integrating relevant topics into content. This creates engaging articles optimized for SEO.

It's also important to provide unique perspectives in content, not just facts. A fresh viewpoint grabs the reader's interest. It also leads to more authentic content guaranteed to perform better than what AI can create.

A screenshot of an content brief in creation using Entail AI's outline generator.

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5. On-page SEO

Technical complications don't need to stand in the way of creating the best possible content. Our page builder simplifies the integration of on-page SEO elements, allowing users to:

  • Create any content format
  • Seamlessly add SEO best practices
  • Publish directly to optimized web pages

Page speed

Our no-code page builder optimizes your website's speed and performance by compressing files and using browser caching.

Schema markup

The platform provides search engines with content context by creating web pages enriched with data and metadata, enabling the effective categorization of your content.

Meta titles and descriptions

Improve your content's search rankings by optimizing titles and page descriptions with AI-generated technology.

A screenshot containing fields for slug title, meta title, and meta description, from Entail AI's content editor.

Improve the user experience, distribute your site’s authority using internal links, and establish connections with reputable outbound sources.

Image optimization

With the page builder, you can convert images into the correct file formats and ensure local caching and compression for optimal performance.

6. Internal linking

Entail AI understands the significance of internal linking in enhancing SEO performance. Our tools facilitate the creation of a well-connected content ecosystem that benefits both users and search engines.

Connect main and supporting content pages

We help businesses plan their website content by identifying the main and supporting pages. We do this by creating strategic links within the website to ensure the most important content related to your brand is visible to search engines.

Leverage embedded AI tools

Our platform automates internal linking, saving time and ensuring consistency across large websites. This allows businesses to maintain a supportive internal linking structure without the need for manual intervention.

A screenshot containing a number of inbound and outbound links to a blog post, automated via Entail AI's headless CMS.

7. A/B testing

A major challenge in A/B testing is that SEO teams often lack the developer support required to make changes. Even tech companies with R&D teams rely on outside agencies for website development, limiting SEO teams' ability to quickly create necessary testing tools.

Making SEO changes can be tricky because any tweak can affect search rankings, especially when making user-facing updates that Google may see as cloaking.

Entail allows for efficient A/B testing of specific elements like widgets or CTAs without compromising the page's overall SEO integrity and reducing the need for page restructuring.

Get data-driven insights

From tweaking meta tags to refining content layouts, the insights gained through A/B testing refine the SEO strategy, ensuring every modification aligns with audience preferences and search engine algorithms.

Incorporate calls-to-actions based on funnel stages

We guide businesses in strategically placing calls to action in the form of custom widgets throughout their content, aligning them with the different stages of the buyer's journey. This ensures a smooth transition from awareness and queries to conversions.

example of a CTA

Optimize with precision

Through experimenting, businesses can fine-tune their online presence, optimizing for both user satisfaction and search engine ranking factors.

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Driving digital marketing success

Entail AI offers businesses solutions to enhance their online presence and improve SEO performance through keyword research, optimized content structure, and position tracking.

Entail AI helps companies establish a strong SEO foundation, address common challenges, and achieve sustainable success by providing tools to streamline experimentation and adaptation of digital marketing strategies.

Our full suite of product solutions equips businesses to effectively navigate digital marketing and thrive in the dynamic world of search engine optimization.


How does Entail AI's keyword research and clustering enhance SEO strategies?

Entail AI's approach to keyword research involves a meticulous process that goes beyond identification. The incorporation of keyword clustering ensures a more nuanced understanding of topics, allowing businesses to create content that resonates with their audience and boosts SEO performance.

What sets Entail AI's cannibalization prevention and internal linking strategies apart?

Entail AI's cannibalization prevention goes beyond the basics, offering a nuanced understanding of how internal content relationships impact SEO. The strategic use of internal linking ensures a cohesive and optimized website structure, improving SEO performance overall.

Why should businesses consider Entail AI's suite of products for their SEO needs?

Entail AI's suite of products provides a holistic approach to SEO. By prioritizing topics, tracking performance metrics, and adapting strategies, businesses can navigate the dynamic digital landscape with confidence, achieving sustained excellence in SEO.