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How Fortrade aced organic marketing in a highly regulated global market

Find out how Fortrade’s clever marketing strategy overcame language barriers and strict regulations, leading to worldwide success.

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By Entail Staff
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez
Romi Hector
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Updated April 12, 2024.

Fortrade success story

Meet Fortrade

Simplifying the complex world of Forex and CFD trading

Fortrade is where passion for financial markets meets innovative technology, paving the way for both novices and experts to explore online foreign exchange and CFD trading. Their mission is to make the intricate world of trading accessible, reliable, and rewarding.

Fortrade's advanced trading solutions

Fortrade offers a comprehensive selection of trading instruments, including over 50 currency pair CFDs, 300 stock CFDs, and an array of index and commodity CFDs. Tailored for every type of trader, Fortrade's solutions simplify trading and ensure you're always in control.

More than just trading

Fortrade offers risk-free demo accounts for those who want to learn about trading and provides tools and resources to help users build strong investment portfolios. Their platform also provides avenues for traders to explore potential income streams from their trading activities.


Leverage search traffic from over 110 countries

Fortrade recognized an untapped potential in the world of online trading: serving clients in 110 countries and trading in 8 different markets, each presenting its own unique search volume and demand.

This offered access to an unlimited amount of potential traders and investors. However, there were some challenges they needed to navigate before fully embracing this opportunity.

Fortrade traffic growth graph

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Creating and managing content for a global audience

One big challenge for us was creating high-quality content in 9 languages that resonates with an international audience.

For Fortrade, the roadblocks were clear:

  • Navigating language barriers: Translating content into nine different languages without sacrificing the quality or message.
  • Adhering to international regulations: Each region's unique regulatory framework required careful revision, ensuring all content remained compliant.


Streamlining content delivery with Entail's CMS

With an understanding of Fortrade's unique challenges, Entail leveraged its headless content management system (CMS) to track and move every piece of content through each step of the process, leading to:

  • Content that converts: Entail's dedicated team of editors optimized every content piece for conversion using data-driven insights for each funnel stage.
  • Regulatory compliance: Entail's specialized experts vetted each piece of content to meet the standards of the FCA, CYSEC, ASIC, and FSC.
  • Adaptable review process: Recognizing the fluid nature of the review process, the CMS allowed Fortrade to add or remove steps as needed.
  • Efficient translation: Using Entail's advanced translation capabilities, Fortrade's content maintained its integrity across languages.
a bar chart with the number of people in each region


Creating content with precision at scale

Entail's dedicated team of finance experts and editors produced 527 blogs totaling 257,000 words in 12 months, each tailored for its intended language and audience.

Fortrade: Scale of operation

Using Entail's conversion rate optimization (CRO) software, each piece of content was crafted for conversion and cost-effectively produced. This led to a 24% MoM increase in clicks to conversion pages.


Turning organic traffic into conversions

Partnering with Entail generated significant results for Fortrade:

  • A 24% MoM surge in clicks to conversion pages
  • A 20x traffic increase in 12 months
  • A steep increase in monthly impressions, up from 3k to 685k

Through their partnership with Entail, Fortrade continues to grow and generate traffic and conversions from audiences across the world every day.

Entail's data-driven approach helped us turn our organic traffic into consistent conversions.

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