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How First Walkers built a conversion funnel that drives massive growth

Discover how First Walkers used content funnels to increase impressions and fuel conversions for business growth.

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By Entail Staff
Colin Nass
Edited by Colin Nass
Romi Hector
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Updated April 12, 2024.

First Walkers success story

Meet First Walkers

Supporting the healthy development of growing feet

First Walkers provides high-quality footwear to support babies and toddlers from their first steps through each developmental stage.

A holistic approach to children's orthopedics

Understanding the need for orthopedic shoes for children, First Walkers also offers a comprehensive range of footwear for different conditions, such as shoes for flat feet or toe walking.

A step towards wellness and style

First Walkers' orthopedic shoes cater to form and function, supporting foot conditions with kid-friendly designs ideal for health-conscious parents.


Filling the gap in a niche market

With conditions such as flat feet and clubfoot present in children, parents were looking for a remedy to their children's pain and discomfort.

First Walkers saw the opportunity to provide the necessary support for this demographic by using educational content to drive organic traffic to their site. Then, they could use targeted, bottom-of-the-funnel content to convert these visitors into paying customers.

Graph indicating First Walkers' +253% MoM traffic growth

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Effectively marketing to a small audience unfamiliar with their products

The orthopedic footwear market in Australia is small, and the childhood orthopedic footwear market is even smaller. So, First Walkers was targeting a limited audience.

Plus, they needed a strategic approach to guide searchers down the funnel while educating them along the way. Their marketing strategy needed to highlight the importance of caring for growing feet through educational content that generates conversions.

We needed a way to get our products in front of the right audience, and Entail really helped us get there.


Entail's all-in-one organic marketing platform

Entail provided First Walkers with a comprehensive content and SEO platform that provides the following:

  • Content strategy software: Entail's software identified a large number of searches related to First Walkers' value proposition and developed a robust content strategy to rank for them.
  • Content marketplace: First Walkers used Entail's content marketplace to source pediatric physical therapists to produce high-quality, accurate content.
  • Content management system: Using Entail's headless CMS, First Walkers seamlessly managed the entire content creation process—from writing to publishing—all on one platform.
  • Page builder: Each piece of content was published directly on First Walkers' website on perfectly optimized pages without the need for dev work.
  • Conversion rate optimization software: First Walkers leveraged Entail's CRO software to convert their organic traffic and guide visitors further down the funnel using strategic calls to action and compelling product widgets.


Entail built a highly successful conversion funnel

Entail engineered a top-to-bottom funnel strategy for First Walkers, resulting in a 390% increase in clicks to their conversion pages. In just a year, Entail published 114 blogs totaling 56,000 words, each carefully optimized to drive conversions.

First Walkers: Scale of operation

Entail developed top-of-the-funnel content on various foot conditions, the benefits of orthopedic footwear for children, and other relevant informational topics. At the bottom of the funnel, Entail targeted high-intent, low-brand-preference searches, such as "best shoes for toe walkers" and "best shoes for pigeon-toed toddlers."

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A consistent 390% MoM increase in clicks to conversion pages

Graph indicating First Walkers' 390% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages

Partnering with Entail delivered remarkable results within a year:

  • 390% MoM growth in clicks to conversion pages
  • 253% MoM growth in organic traffic
  • An increase in impressions, up from 0 to 104k
Thanks to Entail, we saw massive growth on all fronts in just a few months.