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Brand engineering: Creating narratives that stick with Shlomi Ashkenazy

Brand is impossible to ignore. Craft a compelling brand narrative that emotionally engages customers by addressing their greatest needs.

Tom Amitay - co-founder and CEO of Entail AI
By Tom Amitay
Colin Nass
Edited by Colin Nass
Romi Hector
Fact-check by Romi Hector

Updated February 28, 2024.

A brand narrative is a strategic story that communicates what your company stands for. Rather than a slogan or tagline, it's the underlying messaging that conveys your purpose, values, and competitive differentiation.

In this episode, branding expert Shlomi Ashkenazy shares how to develop a captivating yet consistent brand narrative through brand engineering.

Take a listen and join us in this absolute masterclass in building a brand.

The great thing about branding, like a lot of things in life... it's exponential. So, as long as you're consistent and you invest in it through time, the value you get from it grows exponentially.

Shlomi gave us some really powerful insights into engineering a brand narrative to drive awareness and ultimately propel your business's growth.

These key points cover the groundwork for a powerful brand marketing strategy:

  • Build on your foundation—the customer: Deeply understand your target B2B customer's pain points, needs, and motivators and map out the specific problems your brand aims to solve for them.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Research competitors to identify gaps in the market. Your brand narrative should focus on a space others have not fully addressed. Try to "own" a niche around a specific persona, discipline, or product.
  • Plot an engaging story arc: The narrative should follow the structure of a story focused on your customer, not you. Outline the problem, introduce your solution, provide social proof, and share your vision.
  • Spread the word: Getting your story out requires persistence across multiple channels (ads, content, events, etc.) and measuring awareness lift over time. Identify which areas to double down on and keep your messaging consistent.
  • Start early: It's enormously challenging to shift an established brand narrative. Kick off the branding process early with a small target audience and refine the messaging based on feedback before expanding more widely.

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An authentic brand narrative effectively highlights your competitive differentiation and the specific customer problems you solve. Crafting and sharing this story is foundational to growing a thriving business.