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AI and content creation: Amy Tobin on the value of creativity and authenticity

Can AI really replace human creativity? We explore the pros, cons, and ethical puzzles around AI's impact on content creation and how to use it for good.

Tom Amitay - co-founder and CEO of Entail AI
By Tom Amitay
Colin Nass
Edited by Colin Nass
Romi Hector
Fact-check by Romi Hector

Published February 28, 2024.

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The impact of AI on content creation is a hotly debated topic. While some people see it as revolutionary, others worry it threatens human creativity.

I had the opportunity to sit with Amy Tobin, an executive content strategist, and dig into these tricky issues from various angles.

As a writer and marketer who uses AI every day, Amy shares insightful firsthand experiences with these creative tools. We get into the nuances of how AI content lacks a human "soul," consider ethical puzzles like copyright infringement, and practical uses like brainstorming with ChatGPT.

As of today, I haven't seen any AI-produced content that wasn't pretty boring and pretty mediocre.

We discuss that while AI can help the creative process, people still want authentic perspectives and insights coming straight from other humans. We also touch on how AI content leads to a content surge, the challenges of regulation, and the digital divide where some people don't even know ChatGPT exists yet.

This episode delivers an expert-informed view of the opportunities and limitations as AI reshapes content creation.

While AI-generated content holds appeal for its efficiency, Amy argues that truly standout content requires human creativity and expertise.

Core concepts around effective marketing that emerge from the podcast include:

  • Keeping it genuine: People need to relate to you. There is an irreplaceable value in authenticity and "soul" in content.
  • Expertise is key: Find out how you can leverage subject matter experts. Tapping into human insight and experience is essential.
  • Create the unexpected: Amy explains that the human brain craves novelty and surprise—predictable or formulaic content simply doesn't captivate us.
  • User-generated vs. brand-generated content: The need for authentic user-generated content is rising. Amy notes that people prefer to see others like them over polished corporate communications.

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With insightful commentary spanning ethics, SEO, regulation, and the future of work, this forward-thinking discussion offers much for content marketers and creators to consider as they navigate using AI in their workflows.

For me, I could spend all day dreading it, worrying about things like facial recognition drones and all of that. Or, I can inhabit my part of the world and use it for the best I can—use it for good. Use it to create better art, more riveting stories.