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Driving organic growth with Kathy Bryan's tips for content marketing

Learn about the importance of organic content and how it can help you get quality leads that are ready to convert.

Tom Amitay - co-founder and CEO of Entail AI
By Tom Amitay
Colin Nass
Edited by Colin Nass
Romi Hector
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Published March 3, 2024.

In the competitive B2B and B2C markets, standing out is about more than just being seen—it's about being remembered and valued over time. This is where the concept of evergreen content comes into play, offering businesses a strategic edge that can lead to continued growth.

Kathy Bryan, EVP of marketing at Electives, an ed-tech company revolutionizing corporate learning, shares her journey from paid marketing to the organic content realm, highlighting the unmatched value of content that stays relevant and engaging indefinitely.

Listen to Kathy's approach to marketing at Electives and learn how leveraging evergreen content can enhance your brand marketing efforts to increase visibility and ensure its continued relevance and appeal in a constantly changing market landscape.

I believe marketing always needs to be ahead of sales... Building that brand awareness, ideally building a little bit of demand also, but certainly making sure that there is brand awareness before sales reaches out.

In this podcast, we discuss how important it is for brands to develop awareness before they begin their sales processes. You want to make sure of the brand you put into the market and clearly establish your authentic value proposition to potential customers. Know your niche and dig into it. This helps build topical authority.

Kathy points out the difference between paid and organic approaches to marketing and highlights that while paid marketing can bring in more leads quickly, organic marketing brings in higher-quality leads.

Throughout our conversation, Kathy noted the importance and value of evergreen content in marketing. Here are some core concepts about evergreen content that you can think about for your strategy:

  1. Timeless: Evergreen content remains relevant and valuable over time, transcending trends and immediate news cycles.
  2. High-quality and engaging: Content should be designed to capture and retain audience interest indefinitely.
  3. Provides necessary value: Evergreen content addresses the core needs, questions, and interests of the target audience, ensuring its continued relevance.
  4. Encourages business growth: This type of content supports organic growth and brand building, enhancing a brand's authority and visibility long term.
  5. Drives sales: It plays a strategic role in the sales process by building brand awareness and generating demand before direct sales efforts to facilitate more efficient conversions.
  6. Long-term investment: Each piece of content is an asset that continues to deliver returns over time.

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