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Content marketing beyond AI: Jason Miller on cutting through the noise

In a time when AI-generated content is the norm, how can brands break through and foster authentic connections?

Tom Amitay - Organic marketing & SEO expert
By Tom Amitay
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez
Romi Hector
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Updated March 20, 2024.

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Because of AI, brands are facing content hyperinflation. Now, they have to think two steps ahead, strategically defining how they want to stand out and drive growth on a deeper, more personal, and authentic level. 

I sat down with Jason Miller, Head of Brand Experience and Content at Tyk, to discuss the complex and advancing nature of content marketing and brand building.

As someone with extensive experience at companies like Marketo and LinkedIn, Jason offers insightful perspectives on the challenges and opportunities brought about by AI, the evolving role of marketers, and how to adapt to changing consumer behavior and ultimately break through the noise of an over-saturated industry.

The problem for brands is that they need to compete with individuals now. They need to put their experts, their executives, or like the thought leaders in the company, they need to put them at the front.

Jason's expertise provided invaluable context for navigating the shifting marketing industry. These are some of the current trends and marketing developments that we discussed:

  • The AI disruption: AI tools are disrupting traditional content creation, leading to an impending "content shock, AI edition" marked by over-saturation of low-quality, AI-generated content while simultaneously raising the creative bar for brands.
  • The need for video: The increasing demand for short-form video content, particularly on TikTok, is forcing brands to compete with individual creators.
  • Authentic branding: Authenticity and personal branding are emerging as key themes, advocating for companies to showcase internal experts through creative, opinion-driven content.
  • How to market brand: Amidst rising ad costs, there's a focus on brand marketing and the need for a holistic approach to measuring brand awareness.
  • The evolving role of marketers: Marketers are taking hybrid roles with expertise in multiple disciplines.

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If you want to distinguish yourself as a brand, you need to embrace video and leverage organic marketing to secure lasting and sustainable connections with your audience.