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Guest posting: Creating content that counts in 2024

Guest posting and sharing expert insights might just give you the edge you need to stand out in a sea of AI-generated content.

Shir Lapidot
By Shir Lapidot
Lia du Preez
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Published June 13, 2024.

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Key takeaways

  • Guest posting is a method to expand your online presence and establish authority.
  • Focus on delivering genuine value and high-quality content rather than manipulating search engine rankings.
  • Despite AI's advancement, it's unlikely to replace human expertise.
  • Even in a changing technological landscape, guest posting remains a powerful marketing tool.

Guest posting is a simple yet effective strategy to expand your online presence—in some cases by 70%. It involves writing an article, blog post, or even creating a video and publishing it on another person's or company's website.

The key is to incorporate a link back to your own website or LinkedIn profile. This helps to establish topical authority on a specific topic, allowing both Google and users to recognize your expertise.

Below, we'll walk you through the guest posting process and how it's changed with the introduction of AI.

Basic guest posting process: From topic selection to publishing

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  • Select a relevant topic: Conduct research to understand what your audience is interested in and identify their problems and questions.
  • Approach companies or experts in the field: Find experts who can provide valuable insights and answers. Approach these experts respectfully and invite them to contribute to your site.
  • Negotiate the logistics: Once the expert has agreed, set a deadline and agree on the format of the content. Remember, guest posting isn't limited to written content—it can also involve creating videos. In this case, you also need to agree on the length of the video interview (typically 30 to 45 minutes).
  • Edit the content: You can transcribe the written interview into a blog or have a video editor clean up the video material. Remember to send the edited content to the expert for their approval.
  • Publish your content: Once you've received approval, you can publish the blog or video. Make sure to include links to the expert's website, social media channels, or other professional profiles.

The flip side

If you're an expert looking to guest post on other websites, it's crucial to understand your areas of expertise. Identify the companies or topics where you can offer valuable insights, and then approach relevant websites with your proposal.

Keep in mind that guest posting is often unpaid, with the benefits lying in the branding and authority you build on both ends.

Joining an expert marketplace or looking for experts through a marketplace are also great ways to create opportunities for guest posting.

How guest posting has evolved in today's digital landscape

Guest posting has undergone significant changes, even before developments in AI. Google's updates in recent years have influenced guest posting strategies, penalizing websites that engage in questionable link-building practices. As a result, the focus has shifted back to creating helpful, high-quality content.

Now, AI software like ChatGPT can generate written content that rivals that of many individuals. However, it still lacks personal opinions and experiences. That's why the questions and insights must come from the expert's personal experience when it comes to guest posts. That human connection is something that a computer cannot replicate.

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Can AI eventually have more expertise than a human?

AI's rapid advancement raises questions about its future role. While AI may continue to automate certain tasks, it's unlikely to completely replace experts and guest posting in their current form.

For example, if you want advice from a gynecologist, you'd prefer to trust a real professional rather than rely solely on AI.

Although AI can access vast amounts of data and potentially offer accurate diagnoses, you appreciate the human touch and empathy of a medical expert. As for marketing and guest posting, while many changes are still on the way, companies won't stop marketing and selling their products—and guest posting is one effective method to achieve that.

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Using AI in the guest posting process

Understandably, some experts may be skeptical about incorporating AI into their writing process. But remember that AI should only be a tool to enhance readability and overall content quality. It shouldn't produce the content, only refine it. The end result should be similar to a guest post edited by a human.

ChatGPT, for example, often produces excellent results. However, experts still have to give the final approval before anything goes live, ensuring their insights are accurately represented.

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How guest posting solves content hyperinflation

Content hyperinflation is a real consequence of AI's ability to produce content. This necessitates that quality content stands out above all else. The latest Google updates, as well as future ones, prioritize content that delivers genuine value. This should be the guiding principle throughout the entire guest posting process.

Rather than focusing on manipulating search engine rankings, ask yourself, "If I had this question, how would I want it answered?"

Your priority should be providing the best possible experience to potential clients and delivering exceptional value. By following this approach, you create high-quality content that surpasses others in the sea of information.

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Maximize value with guest posting

Guest posting will continue to be a valuable aspect of marketing, even as technology evolves. Its ability to connect with audiences, build authority, and drive traffic makes it a valuable tool for companies and experts alike.

By embracing advancements in AI technology while staying true to the core principles of delivering valuable content, guest posting will remain an effective strategy in the future of marketing.