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AI content management: Scale up production, improve ROI, guarantee quality

Learn the best practices for using AI in your content management processes while creating high-quality content at scale and improving ROI.

Tom Amitay - Organic marketing & SEO expert
By Tom Amitay
Romi Hector
Edited by Romi Hector

Published June 26, 2024.

Using AI in your content management processes

AI's impact on content management is impossible to ignore. It's reshaping how we produce everything from blog posts to images and videos and making content creation more accessible than ever.

But just because you can create content quickly and easily doesn't mean it'll cut through the noise. There's a lot more competition now, so you need to make better content to stand out. The key is consistently delivering value that resonates with your audience and using AI to improve your content creation process, not replace it.

Key takeaways

  • Managing content with AI can improve scale and ROI, but the quality and value of your content should be your top priority.
  • You can use AI for content strategy, creation, management, and, ultimately, conversion.
  • Keep in mind that showing unique perspectives, expertise, and personal experience is crucial for success.

6 key use cases for AI in content management

There are many ways to use AI in content management. Let's explore a few areas where you can implement AI effectively.

1. Content generation

AI is ideal for generating content that doesn't need to be original, such as summaries, research, and ad copy. It can speed up the process and, when properly guided, may even do a better job than we can.

However, be careful when using AI for content that must be original and bring a new angle, like SEO articles. In these cases, AI can provide ideas or outlines, but it shouldn't create the entire piece. Otherwise, you risk duplicating existing content and possibly having your pages crawled but not indexed.

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2. Content strategy

You can use AI in your content strategy to determine which pages to create and how to structure them before you start writing. AI tools like Entail's content strategy software can map out potential topics, prioritize them based on relevance and potential impact, and even generate outlines. This saves time and provides a more structured approach to content creation.

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3. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

AI can also be helpful when it comes to optimizing for conversions. For example, you can use AI to create and place relevant calls-to-action (CTAs) in your content. Tools like Entail's CRO software analyze your article to suggest CTAs that are more likely to resonate with readers and lead to conversions. This approach can boost your content's impact, leading to increased sales and a higher ROI.

4. Content editing

AI can quickly create first drafts and improve your existing content by reorganizing paragraphs, making sentences flow better, and much more. This can make your content more interesting and easier to read.

However, AI isn't perfect and shouldn't be used alone. Always review AI-generated content yourself. Make sure the content is accurate, aligns with your brand voice, and conveys the right message. While AI can make editing faster and easier, it can still make mistakes. Even large companies like Google haven't really nailed it yet.

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5. Custom image generation

AI image generation tools like Midjourney can help you generate authentic and accurate images that precisely match your vision, often faster than searching through stock libraries.

To get the best results, use clear, detailed prompts. Describe the image you want, including style, colors, and specific elements, and experiment with different prompts to refine your results.

6. Generating metadata and image tags

AI can quickly generate meta titles and descriptions for SEO and automatically tag images to improve searchability and accessibility. Always check that the metadata and image tags accurately represent your content and include important keywords.

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How to improve content management with AI

Keep the main challenge in mind

Because it's so easy to create content today, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is the rise of influencers who can create high-quality, engaging content at a much lower cost. These individuals often have unique expertise and charisma that allow them to produce valuable content basically for free.

Businesses must focus on bringing unique expertise into their content creation process to overcome this challenge. This isn't something AI can do for them. Companies need to leverage their industry knowledge and insights to create authentic expert content that stands out.

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Understand your business goals

A crucial step in improving content management with AI is to clearly define your business goals. Ask yourself: What are you trying to achieve with your content? Most businesses create content for marketing purposes, so identify which marketing channels you're targeting. Are you focusing on social media, SEO, or paid advertising? Each of these channels may require a different approach.

Next, determine the type of content that best suits your goals. Will you primarily create video content, written articles, or a mix of formats? Your content format should align with your marketing channels and your target audience's preferences. By clearly understanding your business goals and the type of content you need to create, you can leverage AI tools more effectively to support your content management process and achieve better results.

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Build a scalable process for creating good content

To effectively manage content with AI, you need a scalable and efficient process that consistently produces high-quality content. This means moving beyond creating content once in a while to publishing regularly. You can make this possible by using AI tools to streamline various stages of your content creation workflow, such as topic research, outline generation, and putting together first drafts.

Find where you can bring unique information

To really stand out, focus on what sets you apart. Look at your goals and topics, then think about what specialized knowledge and expertise you have. This could be expert opinions from your team, new research you've done, or interesting customer stories. Use these unique angles in your content to offer information that others can't. This helps build topical authority while making your content more valuable and interesting.

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Use AI in your content editing process

After creating your content, use AI to speed up your editing process. AI tools can help polish your writing by suggesting improvements in grammar, style, and readability. They can also assist in optimizing your content for SEO.

Best AI tools for content management

While many AI tools can help with research, brainstorming, and writing, these have become common and are available even in free tools like ChatGPT. The real value lies in AI tools that can help streamline content planning, efficient content creation processes, and optimizing for conversions.

Entail's content strategy software for content planning

For businesses managing content at scale, knowing what to create next is often the biggest challenge. That's why I think Entail's content strategy software is the best AI tool. It analyzes your existing content and provides insights on what to create next. It maps out the entire landscape of topics you should target, showing you which topics you're already covering, which ones need a different approach, and where there are gaps in your content strategy.

Entail's CMS for content creation

Entail's headless CMS stands out as a top AI tool for content management. It helps you manage the various steps of the entire content creation process, from outline and brief creation to writing, reviewing, and publishing. It streamlines your workflows and helps ensure consistency across your content.

Entail's CRO software for conversion

Entail's CRO software ensures your content converts effectively, helping to maximize your ROI. It allows you to improve conversion rates by embedding highly relevant, personalized CTAs and custom widgets that align with different user intents at every funnel stage. It also enables the tracking, measurement, testing, and optimization of multiple funnels across thousands of content pages.

The future of content management with AI

AI is changing how we create and manage content, offering new ways to work smarter and faster. As AI improves, we'll likely see tools that can better understand what readers want and help make personalized content just for them. However, the most important thing will still be creating great content that people want to read.