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Developing brand narratives: Eric Thum on telling a story and telling it well

Explore the secrets to crafting a brand that stands out, builds loyalty, and drives growth.

Tom Amitay - Organic marketing & SEO expert
By Tom Amitay
Lia du Preez
Edited by Lia du Preez
Romi Hector
Fact-check by Romi Hector

Updated March 26, 2024.

the art of messaging and positioning in product marketing with eric thum

In B2B marketing, standing out from the crowd is no easy task. With countless companies competing for attention, you have to craft a compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audience to be successful.

In this episode, Eric Thum, Head of Marketing at VTS, shared his expert insights on the art of building powerful brand stories that cement your market position and drive growth.

 I think too many B2B SaaS companies forget about brand... When you apply as much rigor to it as you would to demand generation or to product development. The impact is very strong.

Eric's industry expertise in crafting a winning product message gave us exciting insights into why branded storytelling is so important and how to get it right every time:

  • Invest in branding: Stand out from competitors and build emotional connections with B2B customers.
  • Develop a cohesive strategy: Consider clear guidelines, defined characteristics, and a consistent visual identity across all marketing touchpoints.
  • Invest in video and velocity: Produce high-quality videos at a good pace to stay relevant and capture attention as consumer preferences shift.
  • The impact of storytelling: Capture your company's core values, vision, and offerings to engage audiences and create a lasting impression.
  • Navigate change: Stay agile in marketing to adapt to the ever-evolving standards. This allows you to pivot and seize new opportunities as they arrive.
  • Embrace AI technologies: Explore how AI impacts search and content creation and proactively adapt your strategies.

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VTS's success in commercial real estate stems from their brand strategy, which weaves together clear messaging, visual storytelling, and positive customer experiences to resonate with their target audience. Eric emphasizes this as a long-term investment, focusing on building emotional connections and fostering brand loyalty.

As AI continues to reshape how we think about marketing, Eric's forward-thinking approach encourages marketers to be proactive and adaptable, ensuring their brands remain relevant and impactful in an increasingly competitive world.