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Writers vs. experts: Crafting superior content with expertise

Shir Lapidot
By Shir Lapidot
Jürgen Kapp Linde - Editor for Entail AI
Edited by Jürgen Kapp Linde
Romi Hector
Fact-check by Romi Hector

Published June 12, 2024.

Writers vs. experts: Crafting superior content with expertise

Key takeaways

  • Google values unique, insightful content over SEO-heavy content
  • Content writers may lack expertise or in-depth knowledge compared to experts
  • Experts surpass writers by offering unique insights, authenticity, credibility, and authority

There are many gifted writers out there who craft compelling content through in-depth research. But it's crucial to draw a line between an average content writer and an expert.

A general content writer has the ability to craft engaging content on various topics. Experts provide valuable information and perspectives rooted in hands-on experience and thorough understanding.

Let's delve into which of these roles—the eloquent content writer or the knowledgeable expert—is better at producing impactful content.

Writers and traditional content creation

Before AI, writing was a time-consuming and costly process. It began with an outline, followed by intensive research that could last for days before the actual writing began. The end result often resembled a research paper, as writers scoured the internet for information on a topic and stitched it together cohesively.

When weighing writers against experts, writers primarily bring their writing ability. However, they often lack the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge experts possess.

Having an expert provides more trust with readers. Establishing trust is one of the most important factors in the marketing funnel to take users on a journey through your content.

With AI chatbots emerging as speedy, cost-effective content creators, there are few advantages to creating content with traditional writers.

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Choosing between writers and experts

Graphic of a doctor sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer

A big change is coming to Google's search results. Right now, content creators are making a ton of content using SEO tactics and AI tools like ChatGPT. But Google might not even index all of this. What Google really wants is unique, helpful content. Copying answers or using only AI for your content can harm your website's ranking.

General content writers

The real win is in making content that's truly valuable and stands out from the rest. Doing this with general writers can be difficult. Some challenges of working with content writers include:

  • Lack of expertise leads to summarizing existing information rather than offering unique insights
  • Limited perspectives due to a lack of personal experience
  • Long research and writing times that slow down content production
  • Expensive content that may not offer authoritative or unique insights


In industries like finance and health, where the information can have serious implications, it's important that the source of information is trusted. When creating social media content, you would likely trust a doctor's article on diseases over a regular writer's.

This isn't just for health and finance, though. It matters across the board.

Some benefits of working with experts include:

  • First-hand insights and unique experiences for richer content
  • Authenticity and trustworthiness that resonates with readers
  • Credibility backed by verifiable credentials
  • Enhanced authority based on their deep understanding

Consider this:

When it comes to mental health or dieting, advice from someone with a deep understanding of the human body is crucial, not just nice to have.

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Future-proof your content with expert insights

As Google’s technology gets better, it’s going to refine its information-filtering and validation capabilities, ensuring users receive the most accurate and valuable content.

This, combined with content hyperinflation, makes it clear we need to involve experts in the content creation process. Google’s endgame is user retention, and using reliable information from experts helps achieve this.

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