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Jürgen Kapp Linde


English Language & Literature, Editing, Content Writing, Storytelling, Marketing


Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Applied English Language Studies, and Psychology from Stellenbosch University


  • Ranked in the top 10 out of 600+ employees on TalentInc's writer LMS.

  • Grew annual online sales revenue by R1M+ via logistical optimization.


Driven by his passion for reading, writing, and learning, Jürgen dedicates himself to constant self-improvement and innovation. After earning his degree in English and psychology, Jürgen started his career in e-commerce, working his way up from an assistant to an online sales supervisor in his first year. He then honed his skills in wordsmithing and editing as a resume writer and his content creation skills as a digital marketer.

Quote From Jürgen Kapp Linde

"The only death I fear is dying ignorant." – Steven Erikson, Gardens of the Moon.

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