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Expert-focused talent sourcing: How to leverage expertise for better content

Learn all about our innovative approach to expert talent sourcing and the importance of insider perspectives in building topical authority.

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By Shir Lapidot
Colin Nass
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Published June 13, 2024.

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Key takeaways

  • Expert-focused sourcing enriches content with unique insights.
  • Strategies include attracting experts with benefits that go beyond financial compensation.
  • Adaptability and flexibility are key in handling sourcing challenges

At Entail, we are revolutionizing the content creation industry by making expertise the core of our talent-sourcing strategy. We believe in going beyond hiring general content writers and focusing on specialists who live and breathe the topics they write about. This ensures our content features an insider’s perspective and authentic, real-world insights.

Defining talent sourcing in content creation

Talent sourcing isn't merely about finding writers; it's about finding domain experts to provide invaluable insight. When writing a blog about home décor, for instance, we don't just look for a copywriter but rather a professional interior decorator. This approach leads to content that features unique insider knowledge.

By identifying the precise expertise required for each piece of content, we can effectively find the ideal person for the job. This approach often leads to hiring experts who deal with the topic on a daily basis rather than a general writer, providing a more informed perspective and authentic content.

Keep in mind

An expert can offer valuable tips that a general content writer—who might just be reading and summarizing information from other articles—can't provide.

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Our tried-and-tested strategies for expert talent sourcing

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Talent sourcing at Entail involves a variety of strategies that depend on the niche in question.

The first step always involves identifying the required experts and figuring out where they might be found online. LinkedIn stands out as a highly effective platform for sourcing candidates. We send bulk messages, create lists of potential candidates using automated technologies, and later refine them based on our needs.

While the digital footprint of our experts plays a role in our sourcing process, it's less about finding influencers and more about identifying individuals with valuable expertise in their fields. They don't necessarily need published articles, but evidence of experience in the relevant domain is essential.

Another strategy in our talent sourcing playbook involves researching people who are already writing about the topic of interest. This approach isn't without its challenges, as some websites might hire regular copywriters who lack the true expertise we seek. Regardless, we continue to explore, learn, and adapt our methods to ensure we locate the genuine specialists our content requires.

Convincing experts to join our team

After identifying potential experts, we extend an invitation, offering them the opportunity to become an Entail creator and share their knowledge through our blog or our clients' platforms. This process involves a meticulously crafted proposal that explains the nature of the opportunity, the benefits it presents, and the compensation involved.

For many of these experts, the opportunity to enhance their personal branding, establish themselves as authorities in their field, and add significant value to their portfolios can be a strong motivator—sometimes even more so than financial incentives.

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Common challenges in talent sourcing

Sourcing experts isn't without its challenges. The balance between quickly filling a position and finding the perfect candidate often turns into a numbers game, and the response rates vary across niches.

Navigating these challenges requires us to be adaptable and flexible, constantly testing new methods and improving our response rate. But through it all, our focus is on expertise above all.

3 tips for finding the perfect experts

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1. Embrace diversity and inclusivity

Diversity is a pillar of Entail's approach to talent sourcing. We don't focus on a candidate's background or previous experiences—we prioritize the expertise they bring to the table. We take pride in being a diverse organization, eagerly collaborating with freelancers from all over the world who possess the right expertise.

2. Engaging experts is the key to retention

To keep our freelancers engaged, we ensure transparent and effective communication. From outlining upcoming assignments to providing continual support, we strive to create a supportive environment where questions and concerns are addressed promptly.

3. Big brands draw big talent

We often leverage the allure of high-profile brands when attracting experts to Entail. The opportunity to write for recognized brands not only enhances their portfolio but also boosts their online presence. Our strategy often succeeds because many prospective candidates understand the value of building their own brand in such a way.

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The future of talent sourcing

Looking ahead, we predict increased automation in talent sourcing due to the rapid advancement of AI technologies. However, we believe that human interaction will remain indispensable in certain aspects of our work. While AI can excel in research and writing tasks, it can't offer personal insights or share experiences. Despite the rise of automation, the process of convincing someone to join your organization often requires a personal touch—a uniquely human element that machines cannot replicate.