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End keyword cannibalization

End keyword cannibalization

Use one simple tool to identify, resolve, and prevent keyword cannibalization across all of your website pages.

Solve SEO issues caused by cannibalization

Whether you're creating new content or optimizing pages, Entail's keyword cannibalization tool automates labor-intensive research processes to find, fix, and prevent content duplication effortlessly.

Boost content impact

Ensure your content is targeted, accurate, and provides the information visitors need to answer search queries and complete the user journey.

Enhance topical authority

Consolidate the relevance and significance of your content around a single, authoritative page for each specific keyword.

Optimize crawl efficiency

Reduce unnecessary content and internal competition to help search engines crawl your website more efficiently.

Increase rankings

Resolving keyword cannibalization will affect your website across the board, resulting in a significant improvement in search rankings.

Identify keyword cannibalization

Discover which pages on your site compete for similar keywords with the same search intent.

Identify keyword cannibalization

Find competing pages

Identify cannibalization effortlessly, with Entail’s Topical Authority Graph mapping out the relationship between all of your pages and the keywords they target.

Automate cannibalization detection

Eliminate hours of manual work comparing keyword lists, reviewing content pages, analyzing SERPs, and assessing search intent.

Fix keyword cannibalization

Fix keyword cannibalization

Consolidate content and concentrate internal linking to improve authority, SEO rankings, and user experience.

Delete or merge similar content

Consolidate similar articles and delete redundant content to eliminate competition, improve user experience, and increase relevance.

Optimize internal linking

Use links to emphasize the importance and relevance of primary pages, supporting their authority and topic dominance within the site’s structure.

Add canonical or noindex tags

Remove content duplication, prevent unnecessary pages from being indexed, and indicate hierarchy to search engines.

Create new pages

Create new content to fill in gaps in topic coverage, support existing content, and improve the internal linking architecture of your site.

Prevent keyword cannibalization

Prevent keyword cannibalization

Ensure new pages target specific keywords uniquely to enhance your site’s overall relevance and authority.

Map all relevant keywords

Generate a complete model of all the keywords relevant to your site, along with corresponding search data such as user intent, volume, competition, and conversion potential.

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Connect keywords to pages

Use Entail’s Topical Authority Graph to map the relationship of all keywords to the right pages, preventing internal competition and ensuring topic coverage.

Ensure complete topical coverage

Get a list of target keywords for new content to guarantee your website comprehensively addresses all pertinent topics, while avoiding competition among pages for the same keywords.

End keyword cannibalization

Explore expert resources and advice on how to identify, resolve, and prevent keyword cannibalization on your website.

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Use one tool to identify, resolve, and prevent keyword cannibalization

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How quickly can SEO improve after resolving keyword cannibalization?

Dealing with keyword cannibalization may take time, depending on how many pages are affected, but once you begin correcting these issues, you should start seeing an improvement within a few weeks.

Is the cannibalization tool suitable to websites of all sizes?

Yes, the cannibalization tool is suitable for websites of all sizes. While cannibalization typically occurs on larger websites, using the tool from the beginning on a smaller website can prevent future issues as the site grows.

Can pages lose traffic when fixing cannibalization?

Ideally, your pages shouldn’t lose traffic when fixing cannibalization. If there’s a loss of traffic, it’s likely that the issue was not addressed properly.

Which kinds of websites is this keyword cannibalization tool intended for?

Any website with many pages that rank on Google or plans to develop a substantial number of pages in the future will find this tool highly relevant and beneficial.

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