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Anistacia Barrak-Barber

Water Sommeliére & Water Project Coordinator

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Colorado,United States

Experience: 6+ years

Anistacia is a certified water sommelier and a passionate advocate for the wonders of water. Based in Colorado, she travels worldwide to explore water sources, share knowledge, and connect with fellow experts. She works with water researcher Nevin Eckert at TrueSpring Water Quality Solutions, a cutting-edge water systems company, to help promote deep cellular hydration practices for health. With a background in documentary filmmaking and degrees in Communications and Ethnic Studies, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. Anistacia possesses water studies certificates from Metro State University, One World One Water Center, and Columbia University Water Center. She is an active member of the Water Sommelier Union, the World Water Community, and the Balneology Association of North America (BOD). Her experiences and insights can be found on her YouTube channel @waterapothecary.

Water quality
Water pairing


Master of Arts in Ethnic Studies

San Francisco State University


Bachelor of Arts in Cinema

City College of San Francisco


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